Fleet Manager

End to End Mgmt of Cab Service.

A Platform for managing complex tasks related to transportation business for the Fleet-Based Companies. It enables the company to manage vehicles and drivers, customers, manage inventory, keep a track of income and expenses and get detailed periodical reports.

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What is Fleet Manager ?

Fleet Manager is a Utility app that provides full, end to end management of cab service to the user as well as the driver. It is a platform for fleet-based companies of all sizes. It enables the companies to manage vehicles and drivers, customers, manage inventory, keep track of income and expenses and get detailed periodical reports & much More...


Why Choose Fleet Manager ?


Are you a company providing transportation service? Than this application provides complete Fleet Management System to what so ever size of the company maybe. It is simple yet full-fledged system ameliorating to manage the company. It has so many features which help in running the company smoothly.

Boon to drivers

Our App assists the driver to manage and track the rides. They can even know about the upcoming rides and completed rides along with the list of rides cancelled. There is also Ride Tracking that allows the driver to see the route of the ongoing ride. Fleet Manager even gives notifications regarding the payment of ride + Other Ride Related Notifications.


Why wait on road side for a cab? When you can book it whenever you want in just a single click. It is fresh and hassle free user-interface, giving you quick access to all the functionalities.

Admin Features

Manage & track drivers plus vehicles

Easily Add, Update, Delete OR Assign Vehicles and Drivers.

Manage bookings

Enables you to add Vehicles in Bookings for Journeys. You Can Check Full Details of Each Booking.

Income and expenses management

Manage Income & Expenses Related to Day to Day Activities.

Vehicle Insurance and licence management plus their renewals

Never miss to renew your Licences & insurances.

Track fuel up on vehicles

Keep Track of your Spending on Fuel and know the effective Mileage your vehicle performs on.

Driver’s Location Tracking

Track your drivers live on the map and know the exact location of a particular driver which helps you efficiently assign driver for a journey.

Service Reminders

Set Reminders for all kind of Services related to Vehicles. This will help you maintain your vehicles efficiently.

Work Orders

Create Work orders for your Vehicles to track everything Related to your vehicles.

Comprehensive Reports

Get Detailed Reports of all the Vehicles with Chart Representation. You can Also Set the frequency of the Report – Daily,Weekly OR Monthly.

App Features

For Users

Book Cab

No need of chaos! Just follow the steps and select the time, date and destination to Book a Cab in one Click.

Change Destination

Besides Normal Booking, you can change the destination during ongoing ride.

Ride History

Check History of All your Rides whether it is pending, Cancelled OR Completed.

Don’t Need to Keep App Opened

You Don’t need to Keep the App Opened During Ongoing Ride. Save the Battery during Long Runs !

For Drivers

Ride Requests

Get Notifications of Ride Requests on the Go. You can Accept OR Reject it as per your Availability.

Your Rides

Check List of Upcoming, Cancelled OR Completed Rides.

Detailed Ride Info

Driver will have detailed ride info from ride start-end Time to Total Time Taken to Complete the Ride.

Change Availability

You don’t need to accept OR reject Each and Every Ride Request. If you Don’t want to Receive Any New Ride Requests due to any Reason, you can Turn your Availability to “off”.

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